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HyperVRE Monthly | VRE | Adsense | Matt Callen

"Discover How To Quickly Churn Out VRE and AdSense Websites That Produce
REAL PROVEN RESULTS, Without Having ANY Prior Website Design or Marketing Knowledge!"

Let The EXPERTS Do 95% Of The
Dirty, Groundwork For You... Letting Your Websites Act As Automatic Money-Making Machines

Read below to see how many others just like you are now making a very comfortable income online from this exact system!


From: Matt Callen
Tuesday 11:45am
Re: How to start from scratch and build a strong foundation of virtual real estate

'm not going to beat around the bush. You're here because you want to earn money.

You want a way to accomplish what all of those other 'marketers' keep talking about...

You want to be your own boss...

And you want to be able to do what you want, when you want...

That's been your 'dream' since you first got into internet marketing, right?

This was the only reason and without a doubt the single-most important goal when I got started. It took me a while before I was able to make it happen... but I did.

And more importantly, I've been able to make it happen for a lot of other people on the net.

As you probably know, HyperVRE has literally taken the online world by surprise. The power of HyperVRE quickly became evident after several users saw real-life, incredible results firsthand.

From one man in India, with zero past experience using Adsense, who's now making over $12,000 PER month to a 12-year old boy earning over $250 per month PER site with Adsense and $35 per month PER site in affiliate commissions.

Check Out More Real-Life Testimonials Here

"My Income Has Grown Exponentially!! Each Month My Income Has Increased By At Least 10 Times"

"Hi Matt. I started using Adsense in July. Since using your program, m My income from Adsense continues to grow. What is most amazing is that while my effort has remained the same at one site per month, income has grown exponentially. Each month my income has increased by at least 10 times going from cents to dollars to tens of dollars in 3 months."

-- Brian Hack

Check Out More Real-Life Testimonials Here

You're probably thinking...


"What About People Like Me?"

This is all fine and dandy for those 'successful' HyperVRE users, but what about the others who just don't know where to get started?

What about those who know absolutely nothing about website design and HTML?

What about those who don't know how to best optimize their sites for increased Adsense click-through rates, and are leaving loads of money on the table?

What about the members who know how to do all of that stuff, but just don't want to waste their valuable time building HyperVRE website templates from scratch? And would rather leverage the work of others so they can reap the benefits in the long run.

And what about those who just don't know how to turn their websites into money?

Well - the real-life results mentioned above are from people who are no different than you. They're not smarter, they're not luckier, they're not special... they just got their hands on this sooner than you did.

Think about it. If you're like most of us marketers, meaning you're not a good graphic designer, why would you waste your time trying to create your website graphics when you know they'll turn out looking like a 2nd grader's art project.

This is the exact trap I fell into before I realized that I can't do everything myself.

I'll tell you what I was thinking... I was thinking from the entirely WRONG perspective on how to create a successful online business. I wasn't leveraging the time and skills of experts of their field like I should have, had I known what the heck I was doing...

All I knew was I spent an awful long time to make very minimal profit in the end. I should have leveraged the time and work of others!


"What If I Had My Team Of EXPERTS
Do All Of The Dirty Work For You... And All You Had To Do
Was Plug The Designs Into HyperVRE and Off You Go!"

Even better than that...

What if the designs were optimized to make sure you get maximum exposure and click-through rate on your AdSense ads.

I've made a science of these sites, studying exactly what users want, exactly what visitors want, and exactly how to fine tune the sites to make the most money possible with the absolute least amount of effort.

There is some real science that has gone into these designs so that the ad placements, ad colors, ad formats, and even the placement of content on the webpages is in the most profit-pulling areas that have been proven to increase click-throughs on your AdSense ads.

These templates follow the exact ideas that you'll find in all of my AdSense teachings and all of my residual money-making websites.

I'm not going to list all of the strategies here, but the point is that you don't have to read a book to learn how to use AdSense on your pages... that part is already done for you!

There is some major thought and science into the placement of the ads, colors we used, etc. to make sure you're getting the maximum profit from your pages!

"I'm Doing The Professional, Niche Research And Finding Out WHAT WORKS
So You Don't Have To Waste Your Time With
The Grueling Learning Curve And Technical Jargon"

Each month, we'll do the market research and determine the best niche topics for You.

Best of all, the topics of each month will be fully screened by us to ensure maximum profit potential for you.

On top of that, here's how I'm advancing the exact marketing system that already works so well...

I constantly study what visitors want....

Visitors are like any other living thing in this world - they evolve and adapt their habits dependent upon their environment. What worked 'yesterday' with them might not work today and won't work tomorrow.

After analyzing my findings, I implement changes and improvements to produce the most effective sites possible for you each month.


"These Website Templates Are Designed To Get Visitors To Your Sites, And More Importantly KEEP THEM THERE So You Can Maximize The Amount Of Money You Make From Them"

One of the things I like most about HyperVRE is that it's designed to help you build a unique website that is different from anyone else's. There are so many customizable aspects within the HyperVRE software that it would be virtually impossible for two people to end up with identical sites.

And just as the software is customizable, we're giving you full private label rights to the templates. You're free to edit them, add additional images, text, and more.

So by combining the templates with HyperVRE, you could create a new website each and everytime you open the software!


"Earn Your Monthly Income With
MORE THAN Just Adsense"

The money-making potential of EACH template is far more than just Adsense. Of course, Adsense is an incredible way to build residual income each month. But you should know...

... Your templates are designed to work with ALL of the following to help optimize your daily income..

  • Google AdSense
  • YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network)
  • MSN ContentAds
  • Kontera Contextual Ads
  • Chitika
  • Any eBook of your choice
  • Clickbank
  • Amazon
  • PayDotCom
  • You name it... These templates work with ANY contextual ad, pay-per-click publishing, or affiliate service of your choice.

In a nutshell, NO MATTER WHAT strategy you choose to monetize your sites, this monthly package has something for you! As you're about to discover, there's a lot more you can do to build your VRE empire, and I'm helping you monetize your sites in more ways than just Adsense!


"I've Only Been Using HyperVRE For a Short Time, But The Results Are Already Coming In"

"Hello Matt,
I love the simplicity of the system. I've only been using it for a short time, but the results are already coming in. It's well worth the money spent. You've created a gem that is going to last for years to come!! Way to Go!

Mitch Ripke a.k.a "Mr. X"

Ok, so what is HyperVRE Monthly?

Essentially, HyperVRE Monthly is a member's only site that provides a "would-be" niche marketer with the groundwork they need to get started with their VRE empire... by using the software, HyperVRE as the backbone.

If you're reading this now, chances are you already own the software, HyperVRE... and chances are you've already realized how important it was to upgrade to the Gold software membership.

You've tried the free version and quickly learned that if you're serious about this whole "online thing", the Gold upgrade was without a doubt a necessity.

In case this is the first time you've heard about HyperVRE, don't worry... It's push-button simple, so anyone can start using it right away, even if they don't know HTML. And for those who DO know HTML, the sky's the limit.

HyperVRE is a user-friendly desktop software program that builds content-based websites, that we'll turn into automatic money-making machines... ;-)

The software allows you to...

Generate THOUSANDS of fresh, unique content-rich webpages from highly-targeted keyword lists.

Keep your webpages fresh with unique content by placing several rotating RSS feeds to ensure that all pages are unique and highly related to the topic. This is CRITICAL. The software even has a built in function to find and add relevant feeds
Insert your unique Google™ AdSense ads or any other PPC network's ads on each and every page.
Use the power of pay-per-click ads with the potential of affiliate payouts by creating contextual ad links within your content-driven webpages.
Creates a search-engine friendly, keyword-focused linking structure for optimal search engine indexing and placement
Much, much more... Go to www.hypervre.com to learn all about the software.

Yeah, yeah... enough about that software, right?

What exactly will you get with this member's only site?

"Here's What You'll Receive Each Month as a
Member of
HyperVRE Monthly"

Join HyperVRE Monthly Now

15 Highly Optimized HyperVRE Templates

Monthly value: $67 x 15= $1,005
Yearly value: $1,005 x 12 = $12,060!

We create the templates, images, add the proper tokens, and optimize the ad placements... and you simply plug the templates into the software to create your next passive income site! That's it!

We've included each element of the HyperVRE template system (home template, keyword template, CSS stylesheet, and images), and you can easily customize them using HyperVRE's simple token/variable system.

As mentioned earlier, these templates are highly optimized to make you money from not just one source. When used with HyperVRE, you have the ability to profit from MULTIPLE streams of income.

The best part... we know the best ways to maximize your website's money-making potential.

So we're doing all of the dirty technical designing work for you, and optimizing your sites for YOU, EACH month while you're a member!

All you'll have to do is login to your HyperVRE Monthly members area, download the new templates each month, and plug 'em into the software!

Full Private Label Rights

(Monthly Value: $497)

That's right - you can practically do what you want with the templates, images, files, and html we provide to you each month, with the exception of reselling it.

Just as the software is fully-customizable, we're giving you full private label rights to the templates, images, and other files related to the web page designs. You're free to edit them, add additional images, text, and more.

So by combining the templates with HyperVRE, you could create a new website each and everytime you open the software! With the Gold version of HyperVRE, the sky is the limit in terms of uniqueness and customization.

Membership To Our Private Community Forum

(Priceless Value)

This forum will be jam-packed with information and feedback from all over the world and will be THE meeting place for HyperVRE Gold and HyperVRE Monthly members to meet and learn from each others' successes. It's a place where you can come and find answers to your most difficult VRE questions and get quick, powerful answers.

You'll be able to share test results and more importantly learn from marketers and their vast amounts of knowledge. This the secret meeting ground for your fellow HyperVRE Gold and Monthly users!

Every HyperVRE Monthly member gets all of the benefits mentioned above, every single month.

But that's not all...

"Hold On A Second! I'm Going To Sweeten The Pot A Bit For You, If You Act Now!"

To speed up the money-making process for you I'm going to give you limited access to the following free bonuses... IF you purchase today.

The VRE Handbook
(sells for over $47)

The VRE Handbook started out as a ‘guide’ and ended up being a 181 page mammoth, full of incredible material.

In the coming few weeks, this ebook will ONLY be available for purchase at www.vrehandbook.com. However, with your HyperVRE Monthly membership, you'll get this business-changing ebook at no extra cost!

In case you are wondering about the validity of this ‘guide’, this is what Mike Mindel, the owner WordTracker (www.wordtracker.com) said about the VRE Handbook:

“Absolutely cracking stuff. Totally up to date and it gives proper value. Perhaps the best ebook I have read for the last 12 months.”

This eBook is dynamite in the VRE marketplace. If you're building virtual real estate, which you should be, then you NEED this ebook.

It was written by two of the most highly successful niche marketers and PLR experts on the web: Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay (owners of www.plrpro.com)

They'll take you by the hand and show you undeniably how you too can profit with VRE.

You don't pay a dime for this bonus handbook when you sign up NOW!

Virtual Real Estate Explosion
($47 Value)

Virtual Real Estate = Content based websites, typically monetized with Google™ Adsense, PPC, and affiliate marketing, written on ANY subject, which can lead to large sums of passive income over time.

This fool proof method for finding and creating profitable topics to monetize your Adsense websites (VRE websites) is yours absolutely free with your membership today!

Start Building A Continous Flow Of Passive Income

"Are You Willing To Take The Next Step and Discover Just How You TOO Can Turn Your Websites Into Profit-Pulling Success Stories?"

How much is this information worth to you?

Between the monthly template web designs and the private label rights ALONE, the total value of the membership comes to $1,502 Per Month!

And that's NOT including the value of the forum and VRE eBooks.

Over the course of 1 year, your membership value would be well over $18,000!

But I don't want you to pay $18,000 a year to see maximum benefits. In fact, I don't want you to spend anywhere near that monthly value. I won't even ask for that Monthly value over the course of the Entire Year!

SO - given the costs (not to mention the time) required to create optimized templates yourself...

... Or even given the cost of hiring a freelance web designer to do build the designs for you, taking the chance of them knowing how in the heck to maximize the income from each site, let alone taking your invaluable time trying to teach them exactly what works and what doesn't...

I think you'll agree that $47.00 per month is an overly-fair price, don't you think?



$37 per month would be a complete steal, right?

That's The Price You Could Pay If You Waste
This Opportunity and Continue Procastinating

But if you're a person of action... someone who is moving toward your dreams of making serious money online, and you act NOW... you can gain private access for the bargain basement price of $29.95 per month.

Your special rate of $29.95 per month will be locked in for the life of your membership. If you join today, your monthly fee will NEVER go up! But if you wait, the price could be $37/month or more, OR you could miss out on the opportunity altogether!

At the current price, all you would have to do is make measley $.06 cents a day with each of the websites to get your money back. You read that right, ONLY FIVE Cents per day!

We WILL be raising the price soon.


And if you think about it, you really only have two options...

OPTION #1: YOU pay a web designer $67 (or more) for ONE high-quality template design. YOU teach them how to maximize the earning potential of that site...YOU place the ads and Hypervre tokens into the optimal places...and then YOU start getting traffic to it in the hopes of making your money back.

OPTION #2: Become a member of HyperVRE Monthly for $29.95 and get fifteen, professionally designed and optimized HyperVRE template sites based on expert-researched niche topics each and every month.

After one year, you will have invested A FRACTION of what you would have invested with OPTION #1, plus you'll have 180 money-making websites up and running to show for your investment rather than just one.

And in all honesty, option #1 sounds a bit too risky to me. Like playing roullette and putting your money on "Red", just crossing your fingers and hoping for best.

Your Hassle-Free, 100% Satisfaction "No Questions Asked" Guarantee

If, in the first 30 days of signing up, you feel, for WHATEVER reason that you didn't get your money's worth, simply request a refund, and I'll happily pay you back, in full… no questions asked and no hard feelings.

So, that means that you can quit at anytime in the first 30 days, for whatever reason… actually you don't even need a reason, you can just cancel and ask for a refund and I'll give it to you.

I'm THAT confident that this will work for you, and that you won't think twice about why you joined!

Look, either HyperVRE Monthly is right for you or it’s not. And I don’t want you locked into something that you don’t feel will be the ultimate shortcut to making great money with your online marketing business and living the life you deserve.

The bottom line is, this stuff WORKS, there are no outrageous claims, no crap about making a half million dollars with a single click of the mouse... Because at the end of the day, if you believe in that type of BS, then you're better off buying a lottery ticket. Period. :-)

I'll provide you with the backbone of your VRE empire, and help you maximize the money-making portential of your sites.

If you're serious about starting any kind of virtual real estate on the internet and making your websites work for you, then get in while there are still openings, because I honestly can't promise you'll be able to join tomorrow.

It's the ultimate fantasy of every 'online guy' out there... and HyperVRE + HyperVRE Monthly will work for you in spite of yourself, in spite of your competition, and even if you're not too motivated.

The proof from our other members speaks for itself.

It's a no-brainer -- Do yourself a favor, join HyperVRE Monthly right now, put it to work for you, and start getting the results you've always dreamed about, absolutely risk free!

“Yes Matt, I am ready to grab my seat in the HyperVRE Monthly Members Area right now! I understand that this is an incredible investment bargain so I must act today!”

I also understand I get everything that was described above with my monthly membership for the low cost of only $29.95 per month.

Looking at everything I get, there is no way I can do anything but take the next step and grow my business.  I have to click the buy button immediately!

Get Your Private Access Membership Now!

To your VRE success,

Matt Callen
Internet Marketer

P.S. Take action today and start creating the results you want from your marketing. Remember that you risk nothing in giving it a try...

P.P.S. Take a look at MANY more success stories and earnings results from HyperVRE members. Now, click here and re-read the real-life testimonials from people who are no different than you. They're not smarter, they're not luckier, they're not more special... they just got their hands on this system a lot sooner than you did.



"In Only A Couple Weeks...I've Noticed Increases In My Google AdSense Income. It's Exciting To See Results Coming So Quickly"

"Matt, I've been using the HyperVRE program now for a couple weeks, and everyday, I've noticed increases in my Google AdSense income. It's exciting to see results coming so quickly. I can't wait to keep putting out more sites and seeing more results (more $$). Thanks again."

Mike Krumlauf


"I Absolutely Love The Program... It's Made Developing VRE Sites A Snap"

"Matt, I'd been looking around for software that could quickly and easily make my Adsense websites when I literally stumbled upon HyperVRE. I absolutely love the program because of the no-nonsense streamline interface which takes me step-by-step through the website development process. For me, it's made developing VRE sites a snap. Thanks for a super product!"
Jay Douglas


Get Your Private Access Membership!



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